Capital City Steppers
Capital City Steppers

What is Steppin?

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While steppin is not segregated to any one community; it is uniquely historical to the African American community. Steppin brings together people with a wide array of personalities, perspectives, and passion for this dance-art. Whether Old school, Original, New School, steppin’ continuously evolves and grows; all the while remaining foundationally grounded in the social traditions of partner-dancing.

Steppin’ can be altogether rhythmic, elegant, egotistical, smooth, graceful, strong, aggressive, intimate, competitive, and cool all at the same time! The flair and styles all add enormous complexities to a no, 6, or 8-count repetitive series of “basic” steps carried out to musical selections with what has been called “a stepper’s beat.”

To me, steppin’ is beauty -so beautiful – is my simplest definition!

Submitted by Mrs. Fields

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